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Our goal is to make sure we as the company understand your goals and mission to find the best solution for you and our job is making sure your shop staying ahead in the coffee industry & make the best coffee possible in your community.

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At Black Bear Coffee Roasters, we work to help you find a solution by finding best house espresso profile, we understand 70% of our client's daily sales are milk beverage & the rest 30% are espresso beverage, so we want to make a blend that is best suited to your target customer, & as well sourcing unique guest coffee to fit the needs of independents speciality coffee shop.


Together with our wholesale partners, we: Are actively supporting ethical trade, price security and the livelihoods of our farmers. ​​Helping you along the way, as we believe the most important thing is not what you have, but what you know. You can have the best coffee and machine in the world, but if you don't know how to use it. It's not a good return for your investment.

Barista Training

Coffee is a product of potential, the journey from seeds to cup is not finished until turning into beverages, so the knowledge going into making a cup of coffee is full of complexity and working with many variables. 


Our background in coffee started as a barista & working behind some of the UK renown coffee shops, so our coffee knowledge is coming from perfecting our craft daily. People not only have a memorable experience but an unforgettable cup.


We solely focused on ensuring our clients have the best product and provide full professional barista training to make the best coffee possible. 

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