Happy guatemalan farmer collecting Arabi
Black Bear Coffee Roasters

Roasted in Nantwich, Cheshire

/ Why does transparency is an essential part of coffee trading?

Our everyday focus is on sourcing you a traceable, ethically traded, and delicious speciality coffee at our roastery, our belief from the very beginning has been how can we make coffee more approachable? Not only for our consumers but for us as a coffee roaster this allows more opportunities to work with more coffee importer.


Your coffee can be fully traceable, but it doesn't guarantee it's ethically traded, we want to put our focus on what matters the most. Which is price security meaning we always discuss Farm Gate price at the origin and not FOB price, by carrying out this practice we are allowing coffee farmers to keep growing coffee for a generation to come, reinvest back into the farm, & create long term partnership.

Please check out our Green Coffee Price Transparency;

Alirio Cupaque : San Pedro Reserve - Click Here


Black Bear Coffee Roasters

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