Black Bear Coffee Roasters

Roasted in Nantwich, Cheshire

Speciality Coffee Roaster

You can now brew it from the comfort of your home. Knowing you've support not just ethically & traceable coffee, but full transparency through out the supply chain.


We love using blend! From our personal experience, blends are a crowd-pleaser. As we believe it unifies so many components from coffee characters with the balance of sweetness, acidity & bitterness. All of our blends are post-roast, and we roast it slightly more develop to enhance more sweetness, body and better textures for different brewing methods. If you're looking for a gift for someone, you can't go wrong with our blend.

Goldilocks Blend

Goldilocks Blend

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Single Origin

The fun part of coffee brewing and understanding unique processing in which enhance flavours & screaming the true origin of the coffee. We have broken it into different varieties of Black Bear characters. We roast our single-origin typically lower development then our Blend, as we want to emphasis the true flavours from the origin.

Black Bear Coffee Roasters

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