Coffee is grown and cultivated by a renowned coffee farmer for his unique handcrafted coffee by Carlos Pola, he and his team of 12 people are harvesting this lot in February 2020. His love for quality must be admired, once coffee cherries are picked at optimum ripeness this allows for maximum sugar inside the coffee cherry. It will then transport to the processing station, coffee then rests on the raised bed to be turned every hour until the desire moisture content is achieved this takes up to 27 days. 


Once processing has finished coffee is going through depulping and hulling mechanically and then being hand sorting at the end.  


Farm | Finca Las Brisas
Producer | Carlos Pola
Region | Juayua
Varietal | Pacamara

Altitude | 1400-1450 masl
Process | Natural

Importer | Algrano Coffee

Rogue Bear

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