In 1894, the founding father of the plantation, Don Gregorio Zamora, committed himself to produce high-quality coffee at Finca Rabanales. Five generations later, the Ventura family still produces one of the finest coffees in the country. The farm has an estimated plantation area of 60 Hectares, with an average altitude of 1630 m. (5,350 ft) above sea level. They have a strong commitment with quality, the use of Inga trees for shade, and their traditionally washed method display exotic and impressive notes to their cup.


Finca Rabanales split into smaller farms with time. The idea of splitting the farm was to organize the farms into more traceable lots, inheritance issues, among other reasons. There is no physical division among the farms, but they are registered as different farms. Therefore, when I talk about Finca El Amate it is a small farm inside the Rabanales farm.


"I did middle school and high school with Rafael Ventura, the 6th generation of coffee growers. What I love about these guys is that they lived inside of the farm for over twenty years. Not many farm owners live on their farms." - Javier Gutierrez (Caribbean Goods)


Farm | Finca El Amate
Producer | Ventura Family
Region | Fraijanes
Varietal | Caturra

Altitude | 1590 - 1630 masl
Process | Washed

Importer | Caribbean Goods

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