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It's great that you are now supporting responsible business practices. But... now it is time for you to get the best out of those beautiful beans.

It's not going to be a coffee lecture here, just a simple practice we have implemented to our daily brewing & got the best results. Plus brewing coffee is not just about a caffeine fix, but brewing it to get the best-tasting experience.

Essential Upgrade

  1. Hand grinder or Electric grinder we are big on freshness, which is why we highly recommend you to buy coffee as whole bean, so by keeping your coffee as a whole bean will slow down the oxidation process. Which lead to the result of stale taste in your cup, How to recognised that your coffee becomes stale? It's easy, coffee after roasting has a lot of carbon dioxide, slowly over time it's does leaked out. But, you can see this during the blooming process, where coffee bed start to foam a lot of air bubbles, indicate that carbon dioxide is trying to escape. If however, during the blooming process does not indicate of air bubbles, it is likely your coffee has gone through a complete oxidation process, which will result in a stale or dry aftertaste in your coffee.

  2. Get yourself an electronic scale ideally, with a timer built-in, brewing coffee has a lot of variables if you can control those variables will benefit you two things. Firstly, you can replicate the brewing process once you've hit the sweet spot. Secondly, if you have messed up, you can see what you have done wrong. i.e. too much/not enough water, too much/not enough coffee & too fast/too slow brewing time!

Later Upgrade

  1. Gooseneck kettle this is not essential if you have a kitchen kettle this will work just fine, as we want coffee to be easy and approachable to everyone. but it's something worth looking into in the future if you wish to gain a bit more control of your brewing pattern, gooseneck kettle will give you more precision on your pours with a long narrow neck and small spout.

  2. Different types of brewing equipment industry have grown very fast, a lot of brewing vessels are coming in different shapes and different purpose. My friend Josh Williams did a great post about it click here

So these are what we think it's the most essential in order for you homebrewers to get started with if you like our blog please like and share. Thank you

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