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How do I place an order?

We are only take order through the online site

How long should I rest my coffee before drinking?

Coffee tastes at best when rested for a minimum of 7 days, as we allowed coffee to rest the more flavours will come out, we highly recommend; Filter - 4 days after the roast date and best within 6 weeks Espresso - 7-10 days after the roast date and best within 6 weeks

Making a change on your order?

Accidentally order the wrong amount or grind? Get in touch with us at and we’ll amending your order for you.

Can I order as a gift?

We do you can place order as usual and using our text box to leave us a message from you to the receiver.

What is speciality coffee?

Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee. On the 100 point Coffee Review Scale, speciality coffee will score 80 and above anything below is a non-speciality coffee.

How to keep coffee quality?

The coffee we use is all Speciality grade and the green beans we source are all packaged in vacuum packed parcels or Plastic Grain Pro bags which give the raw product a longer shelf life. We roast every day in small batches and we use the latest roasting software to profile our coffees and to ensure consistency. We also regularly cup our coffees to ensure each batch matches the last as much as possible. Once roasted, our coffee is sent out in a foil lined bag with a one-way valve for optimum freshness. You can store coffee in a dry and cold area this should help you keep coffee freshness for 6 weeks.

Will the package fit through my letterbox?

Our retail size bags are 225 grams or 1kg which in turn limited us when designing a box and bag to fit through a letter box. Currently, our boxes do not fit through a letter box however it is something we are working on and will update you when it changes.

Where can I leave a feedback about your coffee?

We try and brew our coffees in many different ways to see how they taste but we always want to hear what you think - good or bad - send us your feedback. We'd love to know. or here to leave us a feedback at the bottom of our home page without emailing us.


How does your delivery works?

We only shipping the order once a week on Monday through Hermes Standard 2-3 business day, this is allowing time for us to quality control before it's being shipped out to you. We are shipping on Monday; If you haven't receive the order within 7 days please contact us at or call 07856422959

Do you send coffee internationally?

We currently do not ship outside of UK but if you wish to order from us. You can send us a DM via our social media account or an email

How can I change my address?

If you need to change your address please send us an email to and we will do the rest!


Strict Sanitising Policy

Notifications are placed throughout the unit to remind us to wash and/or sanitise their hands upon arrival, between tasks and at regular intervals throughout the day.

Visitor Protocol

Only essential visitors are allowed onto the premises and all business is conducted remotely. Supply deliveries, postal and courier collections are integral to our day to day business, in which case service providers are required to: Stay within the designated arrival and collection areas that have been established & keep a strict 2m distance

Can I buy your coffee online?

Do you have a webshop?
Yes! It is here.

Where are you and can I come and visit?

The HQ is a production location for now and not serving coffee or selling retail packs for home. Meetings regarding wholesale or other business opportunities are by appointment only and it's best if you get in touch by email - Our address is 97 Wistaston Road, Willaston, Nantwich, CW5 6QP

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