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Limited edition is a collaboration with Coffee Shop Photographer. It is now available to pre-order, head over to their website.


Our Story

Dear Coffee Lovers,

We are Black Bear Coffee Roasters based in Nantwich a quiet & small community, but our knowledge in coffee is nationally recognised, we are specialised in coffee roasting & make high-quality speciality coffee, direct trade, ethical and traceable coffee easily accessible. 


Why does Black Bear Coffee Roasters exist? Since day one in coffee, we want to make coffee approachable & communicating the same way. We believe that there is a perfect bag of coffee for everyone. Whether you are a complete beginner, advance or coffee professional. By creating characters of Black Bears, so it's described what you will be experiencing from a bag of coffee. 


But, we are not just a coffee roaster, we provide ongoing professional barista training as well as a coffee supplier. As the knowledge goes into preparing a coffee beverage is more important than a piece of equipment. We are currently working with numerous independent cafes, offices, bars and restaurants.


Natdanai Denham

The Founder

Speciality Coffee

Journey from seeds to cup is for us to enjoy

Once the coffee is picked we carefully roast to emphasis the taste from its origin as much as we can.

Like we said there is a bag of freshly roasted coffee from everyone. So hop over to our shop page to see what we have on offer.


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